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At Dawa Medical, we believe that the strength of an economy is rooted in entrepreneurship, especially in the medical community. We want to make room for people who are active actors in the hospital environment and who, thanks to their imagination, find solutions to problems that may seem trivial at first sight, but in fact facilitate the daily work of hospital staff or further improve the quality of life of patients.

Our goal is not to promote the latest drug eluting stent in vogue or other products of a multinational, but to give visibility to the entrepreneurs that you rub shoulders with every day and pursue a dream.

Our Startup Collaborations


Spouti™ is a product that has innovated the STP device market. Spouti™ was designed to fit female anatomy via a precisely fitted, external urethral interface. Engineered and designed by My Spouti LLC, Spouti™ has eliminated discomfort and leakage, while improving upon the practicality of STP devices. My Spouti began their journey four years ago with a mission to improve upon the accessibility to reliable STP devices. To date, Spouti™ has been distributed to nearly 1000 people and has over 2 years of testing to ensure consistency and comfort.

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