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  • Competitive pricing
  • Fixed rates
  • Climate controlled warehouse
  • Experts in shipping, handling, and logistics

We offer medical device shipping and warehousing that comply with all government standards, we make sure our warehouse is always clean and safe to store your products. Need to ship product? We can do that for you too when you store your devices with us.

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The benefits of having a US based warehouse

Faster Shipping and Delivery

Having a warehouse in the US reduces shipping time and costs. This means quicker delivery to the customer, improving overall customer satisfaction.

Local Presence

A Us-based warehouse gives the manufacturer a physical presence in the market, which can enhance brand visibility and credibility. It also allows for easier access to local market and customers.

Streamline Border and Customs Processes

Streamline Border and Customs Processes for Enhanced Efficiency in Importing Medical Devices into the United States.