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V-Strut has been officially launched in USA !

We are pleased to announce we have done the first ”Operative Technique Training” with Dr Harry Brown, Diagnostic Neuroradiologist & Interventional Pain Management at the Radiology Partners in Chicago. 

The V-Strut is indicated for use in the treatment of vertebral fractures in the thoracic and lumbar spine from T9 to L5.  We think the V-Strut would be a great tool in some patients to avoid the recurrence of fracture.
”Its innovative aspect resides in the fact that its cannulated design and its posterior pedicle anchorage bring support to the superior vertebral end plate and allow to resist axial compression, thus avoiding re occurrence of fracture” (F Cornelis, Review : Medicina, July 2019)

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V-Strut from HypreventionV-Strut from Hyprevention